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July/August 2016


Children’s writing can be so beautiful. After forty years as an editor of Stone Soup Magazine I (William Rubel) continue to be amazed at how profoundly sophisticated children’s writing can be. The Stone Soup Anthologies are written by children ages 8 to 13 and are available for purchase through our Stone Soup Store. The stories and poems in these anthologies are selected from work published in Stone Soup Magazine. This excerpt, from the story “Sunbeams,” by Carolyn Nash, age 13, from our Stone Soup Book of Friendship Stories, is typical of the quality of writing in these books.

The moon gazed down on me, shining brightly off the water. The stars twinkled in the deep blue sky, each one different from the rest. Swifts of moonlit clouds blew past the mountains in the distance. The waves dwindled to shore, sliding up along the sand and then disappearing into the water…

The ever-popular themes for the anthologies are friendship, sports, fantasy, historical fiction, poetry, animals, and family. For readers of Stone Soup Magazine the value of books by children needs no introduction. Well written stories by kids are the ideal literature for children who love to read, and they offer an additional creative boost to children who love to write.

Discounts for Gift Sets and Classroom Use

We offer discounts in the Stone Soup Store on our sets of 5 or 7 anthologies, options we recommend for children who are avid readers. As our books by children are used in classroom reading groups and creative writing programs, we also offer a 15% discount when you purchase 5 or more copies of a single title.

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Creativity Aids

As reading and writing are twin skills we ask you to consider buying one of our blank writing books or sketchbooks for your child. The primary purpose of Stone Soup is to encourage children to be creative, to generate their own cultural materials, and not just be passive consumers. One thing that makes reading books of writing by children different for kids is that it is writing by their peers and thus encourages them to think of themselves as potential authors, as well.