Animal Stories and Poems in Stone Soup

Stone Soup Editors' Notes  /   /  By Gerry Mandel
Stone Soup Magazine
July/August 2017

Some of the best writing we receive at Stone Soup is about animals: dogs, cats, horses, birds, wolves, dolphins, even a pet gecko! Animals have a special place in the hearts of many children and adults, and we love to read and write about them. The new November/December 2012 issue of Stone Soup contains three especially good stories about animals, and one poem. In “My Kitty Mango,” on an otherwise unremarkable day, 9-year-old Isabella Widrow shares a moment of connection with her cat that she will remember her whole life. “Breeze,” by 10-year-old Sarina Rani Deb, is a heart-wrenching story of a boy whose dog means everything to him. Then one day, Breeze doesn’t come home. Addi misses her horse terribly in “Missoula of the Mountains,” by 10-year-old Lily Strauss. Addi has agreed to let Missoula go to a therapy ranch, where she will help children with autism. When Addi visits Missoula at the ranch, she comes to a bittersweet realization. “My Dog,” by 12-year-old Abby Shaffer, is a touching poem. In a very few words it conveys a girl’s love for her aging dog. Do you have a favorite animal story (or poem) in the new issue? If you’re lucky enough to have your own pet, think about what your animal means to you, what experiences you’ve shared, how you would feel if you lost your beloved pet. You might just find the kernel of a brilliant story or poem.

Gerry Mandel
About the Author

Back in 1973, I was one of the group of UC Santa Cruz students who put together the early issues of Stone Soup. It was my great pleasure to work on the magazine until I retired in 2017.

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