Whales and Cormorants

When a killer whale smashes into their ship, Alan and his pet cormorant have to fend for themselves The mission was supposed to be simple: sail out into the Atlantic Ocean, take on board a few specimens. Then his work for the month would be done. Alan Stevenson readjusted his grip on the wheel of […]

The Asteroid Attack

A sudden rain of asteroids turns a normal school day into a terrifying experience Light glimmered on the vast plains of France and on the sparkly stones that lay around like lazy cats. The stones rose angrily above the ground, glistening in the sun’s radiant light. Endless fields danced in the glorious, full light emanating […]

The Life of Beverly Henderson

Beverly, abandoned by both her parents as a baby, at 13 befriends a raccoon named Bandit and sets out to find her father I was born in 1950 and a few hours after I was born, my mom died—or so I was told. We were in Ketchum, Idaho. My name is Beverly Henderson. I am […]

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