Unmasked: A Collection of Short Stories

Sun Blotches and Angelic Smiles Everybody in my family has different hands. Mine are light brown with weaving veins, like rivers flowing through a desert. Curvy lines streak across the surface of my palm, bards silently singing the story of my life. My sister’s hands are smooth and innocent, round knuckles jutting out when she […]

Composition 0

When my father first saw my mother on stage, he was amazed by how the words flew out of her mouth so naturally. I’ve never seen my mother perform, but in old photographs, she always appears angelic. She had luscious blonde curls and stormy grey eyes. She didn’t have my frizzy brown hair or my […]

My Grandma Helen

I walk into the cold, barren waiting room. It smells like stale peppermints and dust bunnies. My dad has his hand on my shoulder, and I feel the warmth through my jacket. It’s the only thing I can feel right now. The clerk stands behind the desk, typing loudly on her giant computer. Her lips […]