I sit down Tired, anxious But I can’t relax I stand up Make some tea Fresh and green Add some milk Puffy white clouds Suspended in liquid Floating in their little world Take a sip Warmth rushes through me Things are better Nothing complex Everything is Simple Just me And my tea Adele Stamenov, 10Bethel […]

Moods of the Week

On Sunday, I feel happy because I have nothing to do but play. I sit by the computer and watch YouTube all day. I send yellow balls flying with my white-and-purple racquet, Then get out other strings—my violin from where I pack it. I never feel stressed and always get a good rest. I love […]

A Window in the Evening

StoneSoupMagazine · Poetry by Julia Marcus, 13 I press my face against the glass, blowing circles of air onto its cool surface. I step back, looking at the filmy, blurred image that faintly appears on the other side of the window. I draw my name in the vapor. My finger squeaks on the glass as […]