Moment of Truth

My last chance, One more miss And it’s over, Cool sweat trickles down my neck. I risk striking out, My pride. My hands tremble My swing wobbles My body Not my own, I can’t do this. To everyone else, A spring day, Warm and beautiful. Dandelions cover the field, The opposite of my emotions. I […]

Goes the Ball

You know the sound— the clang as the ball bounces off the rust-colored hoop. The backboard, faded with use, trembles. You feel it vibrate. On the rebound, you throw again. In your mind, the ball soars through the hoop; a satisfying swish. Instead, the ball ricochets, landing in the mud; it splatters. When you pick […]

Lane Seven

Legs, they’re trembling with nervous excitement. Muffled voices pulse through your head. You’re moving now Perched Tense at the edge. You grip the lip of the block. Your body shakes with the sound of the start, But You’re already gone. You slip into the water Like it’s meant to be. It is. The rush pulls […]