Marco Lu

“Calamity 023,” a short story by Marco Lu, 13

Jack waited at the conveyer belt, Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…  AAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaa WARNING! WARNING! The signal for a fire! Jack leapt to his feet and ran but found himself at a dead end. There was a single door. Jack ran to it, banged it, pulled it, kicked it, and even tried to smash it open! After deciding […]

Leviathan, Reviewed by Marco, 13

Blue whales are big animals. The biggest animals. The largest ever recorded blue whale was 98.1 feet long. The Leviathan is 949.75 feet long. Now, you must be thinking: How is that possible? What is a Leviathan? Well, the Leviathan is a whale. A really big whale. And it serves as the setting for the […]

Fantasy: High, Dark, and Everything in Between

Fantasy is like coffee. Fluid, delicious, and occasionally a work of art. And, like coffee, fantasy comes in many different varieties. You probably think of Tolkien-esque fantasy, with lots of magic and plenty of cool new fantasy creatures. But, like Sci-Fi, fantasy comes high and low. High Fantasy is what you get when you read […]