Stone Soup Magazine
February 2018

Love/Hate Relationship

Magnificence! Why me?

Stroll at Sunset

The painter of the skies brushes his paintbrush silently

The Road to Williamstown

It is suffocatingly beautiful, / and exhilarating at the same time.

We No Longer Go Outside

Hua, a young dog, reflects on life with her owner—before she got sick

The Waterfall

A princess’s life is not so amazing and magical as you’d imagine

The Balcony

Milo confronts his greatest fear: the 20-story-high balcony

Gleaming Star

Years after her father’s death, Katie wonders who will walk her down the aisle

Mist at the Lake

Creek Reflection



Glass Bunny

Flower Cow

The Children of Exile

Editor’s Note

Stone Soup Honor Roll: February 2018

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