Stone Soup Magazine
September 2017

Plain Wall

As I sit here


It is quiet there

I believe in…

I believe in simple truths.

Up the river bank where the flowers bloom

My basket swings around my bare muddy feet

Ode to the Common Weed

A cousin pointed you out

The Money Tree

There is a money tree

White Upon a River

A shimmer of light

A Letter to Chickadee

I wake up to the sound of music, a tiny fluttering sound

My Tenth Summer Part One: What I Learned About Hard Work

I've learned this week

Tuesday at the Shore

Sitting on a towel atop the sizzling sand

Just Me

When I first saw the dark of night

Over The Shadowed Hill

We drove over the hill

Baseball’s Sad Lexicon



Garden in the Day

Look at the Waves!

The rosy color of dawn spreads all over the sky

Editor’s Note

Stone Soup Honor Roll: September 2017

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