How to Login to your Account

Stone Soup Magazine
May 2019

As you may have noticed, beginning in early December, the online Stone Soup login has changed. Here are the current instructions to change your password and be able to access the website.

1. On the Stone Soup homepage, click on the Login button. This is the button second from the right on the top of the page, right underneath the logo.

2. Once you click on that, you will be prompted with a login box, pictured below. This is the login for the RECIPIENT, the person, usually a child, who is the Stone Soup subscriber. If you are the one who needs access to the Stone Soup website and you do not know your password, then skip to the bottom of the form and click on the link: FORGET YOUR PASSWORD

If your password doesn’t work, that can be because recently changed login system. Just click the FORGET YOUR PASSWORD link to get a new password.

If you have forgotten your password or want to change it for any reason, then click the FORGET YOUR PASSWORD link.

NOTE: The correct phone number is 215 458-8555. We have just discovered this error (Fri. Dec. 22). It will be fixed ASAP, but perhaps not until after Christmas.

3. You will now see this screen.

Input the subscriber’s name and the email address associated with the account. When you input this information and click Submit, you will get a message on the page that reads, “Thank You – An email with a verification link has been sent to your email address. Please follow the instructions within the email to reset your password.”

Note: The subscriber’s email address is the one that was recorded by the person who purchased the subscription. You should have received a confirmation notice with that information. But if you don’t have it, then call 215 458 8555. The hours are 7:30 am to 10:00 pm Eastern Time. The agent who answers the phone will help you.

4. You will then receive the following email. Be sure to also check in your spam folder if it does not appear immediately.

5. Click on the “Reset my password” link and you will be directed to the following page. Input your name to verify your account credentials.

7. Once you’ve verified the name of the subscriber, you are now able to create a new password.

8. Type in your new password. Be sure that it is a secure password. You should receive the following confirmation page. Additionally, you should get an email confirming that your password has successfully reset.

9. Now, go back to the Stone Soup homepage and click on the Login button again. With your name, email, and new password, you should be able to login.

10. You will now see a Welcome note. Once that note vanishes you will be logged into the site. As long as you keep logging in from the same computer you will not have to login again.

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