Instructions for Our Digital Subscribers

Stone Soup Magazine
May/June 2017

Welcome, Digital Subscribers!*

There are two ways to enjoy Stone Soup’s digital content. On your computer, use Stone Soup Online. On your mobile device, use the Stone Soup App. Follow the instructions below to gain access. Questions? Contact:

* These instructions are for people who have already purchased a subscription.

Stone Soup Online

Enter the coupon code from the email we sent you and watch the price change to FREE. If you received a gift subscription, redeem it here.

Subscription Options

One Year

Unlimited Articles

$24.99 every year

Recurring Friend

Unlimited Articles

$3.00 every month (recurring)

Recurring Supporter

Unlimited Articles

$5.00 every month (recurring)

Recurring Angel

Unlimited Articles

$10.00 every month (recurring)

Have corporate access? Click Here

Stone Soup App (Apple & Android)

  1. Download the Stone Soup Magazine App from the Apple App Store or from Google Play, and open it.
  2. Back here at, choose “Subscribe to Stone Soup Online” from the dropdown under “Digital Accounts” (top right) and sign in. Once signed in, a red button will appear.
  3. Click the red button “Add New Mobile Device” to get your token code
  4. Enter the token code on your mobile device in the field that requests it

You may repeat this process for up to 5 mobile devices.


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