November/December 2007

A Calf for Christmas

It was Christmas Eve, and everything was ready. Presents had been purchased with great care months before. Yesterday they had been wrapped in dozens of pretty papers and decorated with beautiful bows. Now they sat like sparkling jewels in a pirate’s treasure chest, under the fragrant boughs of a giant spruce. The farmhouse was filled […]

We’re Moving

“We’re moving.” The words fall with a dead thud on my ears. I can’t believe it’s happening. The possibility has been there for weeks, months even. But I never thought it would happen to me. “Why?” I choke. “You know how long your father has been searching for the right job,” Mom says apologetically. “We […]

Shepherd of Stonehenge

  Harsh, cold wind rippled across the snow that blanketed the farm’s fields. Sighing, Sam led the shivering sheep across the wide plain. Cauliflower, the farm’s sheepdog, ran with Sam, keeping the milk-white sheep in line as best as she could. “Snow Sheep,” muttered Sam, kicking at a withered plant poking its way through the […]