September/October 2013

Beautiful Night

I watched the bubbles float up from my laughing mouth How the sea looked so different at night than at day I will never forget. How the sea lapped at my toes, moving up with the tide, to my ankles, knees, and eventually to my head. I was engulfed by the sea. Every time I […]

The Dragon Kite

Kites of all colors speckled the sky, like paint splatters on a canvas Hugh gazed happily at his creation. Yes. He’d done it! “Leah, come look at this!” he called, holding the kite for his nine-year-old sister to see. Leah gasped out loud. “Whoa!” she breathed, admiring his handiwork. Her eyes traced over the delicate […]

Inhaling the Scent of the Wind

The scent of apples whispers through the air Reminding me of our lazy days in the orchard Lying in a bed of violet morning glories Inhaling the scent of the wind Remember the day we held a butterfly funeral in grandma’s backyard? You found it in the dirt beneath the bougainvillea bush With only one […]