Kids’ Writing and Art Contest

Art by Children  /   /  By Gerry Mandel
Stone Soup Magazine
November 2018

Here’s an opportunity to share your writing and art with people all over the world! Children of all ages are invited to submit their poems, short stories, and artwork to a contest called Children’s Peace Train. The sponsor is the International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace (IFLAC), an organization that promotes peace and understanding among different cultures around the world. Follow the link to learn more, and good luck!

Theme: Peace in My Own Life
Deadline: June 30, 2014
Prizes: Every child receives a certificate; winning entries will be published

Gerry Mandel
About the Author

Back in 1973, I was one of the group of UC Santa Cruz students who put together the early issues of Stone Soup. It was my great pleasure to work on the magazine until I retired in 2017.

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