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June 2019

In this week’s newsletter, as it’s the first of the month, we focus on our new June 2019 issue.

Click the links to read some of our brand new content, and scroll down for contest and other news, plus the latest from our bloggers.

Cover: “Flight Through the Cosmos,” photograph by Hannah Parker, 13

In this week’s newsletter, as it’s the first of the month, we focus on our new June 2019 issue.
Innocent Yet Dire Words
by Isabel Swain

A book lover dreaming of a better life uses poetry to cope

The Place Where It Isn’t
by Eliana Schaffer
One girl’s quest for perfection

by Vandana Ravi

A magical place of serenity and beauty comes to life in a daydream 

Plus–poetry, a portfolio of Hannah Parker’s photographs, a story sequence,
Letters to the Editor, and our June 2019 Honor Roll

Letter from the Editor, June 2019

This is an issue about potential, possibility, and change. In Isabel Swain’s story “Innocent but Dire Words,” a young poet dreams of a better future for herself, while in Vandana Ravi’s short story, a girl dreams of simply another place. In Grace Jiang’s poems, nature comes to life again, after its seasonal death and hibernation, and in Andrew Wu’s story sequence “Nature in my Eyes,” nature changes in our eyes, as we attempt to see it from the angles and experiences of different creatures. Change is inevitable: we change, the world changes, time moves along. And, in the spaces between, in the time when it feels as if nothing is changing, we dream of the change that might happen. And yet when that change finally does occur—when yet again the rose blooms—it still feels miraculous. After reading this issue, I hope you will feel inspired to think and write about change—in the world or in you, past or future, real or imagined.

Letters: We love to hear from our readers. Please post a comment on our website or write to us via Submittable or Your letter might be published on our occasional Letters to the Editor page.

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Contests and partnership news

Contest: Write a Book!

Start planning for our summer contest: book-length writing in all forms and genres by kids aged 14 and under (we have extended our usual age limit for this contest). The deadline for entries is August 15th, so you have the whole summer to work on perfecting your book, whether it is a novel, a collection of poetry or short stories, a memoir, or other prose. There will be three placed winners, and we will publish all three winning books in various forms. Visit our contest page and Submittable entry page for full details.

Stone Soup’s books are getting some great reviews!

Stone Soup joined LibraryThing a few months ago, and our books have been getting some great reviews from other members at LibraryThing and also on their own blogs. Visit our book pages and see what other readers are saying–and add your comments!

Also, we have joined Goodreads! Are you on that social network? Please send a friend request our way! We also want to encourage you to leave a review any of the Stone Soup books you’ve read, like an Annual or a Stone Soup Book of . . . We’ve compiled a list of the ones listed on Goodreads here.Submit your creative work to Stone Soup

Highlights from the past week online


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“Have you ever wondered about the clothes you wear? Where they come from and what happens to them when you no longer need them? Recently, I got very interested in learning more about clothes. It all started when I went with my mother to a clothing donation box in the parking lot of a small mall near our home.” Read the rest of Mahati’s fascinating blog post about the life cycle of clothes here.

Remember Abigail’s piece about Polish traditions for spring? Well, she’s back this week, this time in Japan! Read about Hanami, the cherry blossom festival, and more in the blog post “Japanese Traditions for Spring.”

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