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Raindrops, or Sharpie Doodles? (Canon Rebel) by Madeline Male, 14; published in the September/October issue of Stone Soup

A note from Tayleigh Greene

Hello, and happy Saturday!

This week, I've been reflecting on my creative process, and creative processes in general. I never know exactly when I'll get paid a visit by the muses. I find myself doing a lot of creative work that doesn't, well, work. I can draw or paint or write or design for hours without finishing a single thing that I like, and then suddenly, things will click. I'm discovering that creating the "bad" art is an integral step in my process of creating something "good." Sometimes, this can be frustrating—like when I'm on deadline. Other times, it can be really liberating to simply enjoy the process on the way to the product. This week, I hope you consider taking some time to create for the simple sake of creating. Engage in any art form—writing, painting, knitting, dancing, the list goes on and on! Try not to think about how it looks, but how it feels. (Of course, if you do like what you make, we welcome you to submit your work to Stone Soup.)

Now for Stone Soup news: today is the very last day of our back-to-school sale. Use code BACK2SCHOOL30 at checkout for 30% off an annual print + digital subscription.

Today is also the last day to subscribe and still receive the September/October issue. From Leticia Cheng's gorgeous Set Sail by Moonlight that graces the cover, to Madeline Male's Raindrops, or Sharpie Doodles? featured above, to Naaman Garcia's hilarious short story "The Cheese Tree," this issue is not to be missed.

Until next time,




From Stone Soup
September/October 2023

The Cheese Tree

by Naaman Garcia, 8

One day, there was a guy named Bob. He was a farmer. He thought he made decent money, until the bills hit him real good in the face. While walking on Dry Creek, which was his favorite place to go, he stumbled upon a seed. It looked strange. It was riddled with holes.

He looked at the seed long and hard. It looked like cheese. He said to himself, “I am going to study this.”

Bob boosted out like a rocket back to his farm. He rushed to his computer, his shoes squeaking like a mouse. Looking online, the farmer found no data on the seed. He decided to use his farmer instincts. He rushed to the kitchen, opened the cabinet door, and pulled out his music box and a cup. Bob wound up the music box, and out played the familiar tune: Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down . . . He poured himself a cup of coffee and drank it silently while he listened to the music box.

When the song ended, he grabbed the seed and barged through the door. Bob planted the seed.

Click here to find out what happens next...

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