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Grace Mancini, 11
Glenside, PA


Grace Mancini, 11

Today I woke up snuggled in a blanket
The birds were singing a lively melody
Usually my blanket is draped messily over my body
And the birds aren’t chirping a single note
Today I ate a nice and healthy breakfast
Usually I just eat half of an apple
Today I got dressed and ready for the day
Usually I just mope around in my pajamas
Today I had a great, big lunch
Usually I just crunch on some Pringles
Today I FaceTimed my friends with a smile on my face
Usually it makes me sad
Tonight I had a delicious pizza for dinner
Usually I just eat leftovers
Tonight I curled up into my bed
Usually I slump into it, complaining about something
Tonight I smiled
And told myself
There will be a brighter tomorrow
All my problems will fade away

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  1. Grace,
    That is absolutely beautiful!

    (I met you when you were just a little girl. Even then I could tell that yo u were something special. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem.



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