Searching for Bow and Arrows, Poems by Tatiana Rebecca Shrayer, 12


Searching for Bow and Arrows, poems by Tatiana Rebecca Shrayer
Published by Children’s Art Foundation–Stone Soup Inc., July 1st, 2020.
ISBN 978-0-89409-206-0, 35 pages. 

Searching for Bow and Arrows is a poetry collection by twelve-year-old Tatiana Rebecca Shrayer, which won second place in the 2019 Stone Soup Book Contest. It is available in print as part of the double Summer (July/August 2020) issue of Stone Soup Magazine, and as a a solo collection in this eBook. This first published collection of 30 poems marks the debut of a powerful young poet’s voice.

“Shrayer’s Searching for Bow and Arrows is about the weight of history—one’s own personal, familial history as well as the history of politics and nations—and a nostalgic longing for a homeland that both is and isn’t home. In her spare, formal poems, Shrayer probes the thin veil between the past and present, focusing on the natural world as a bridge between the two: “Drops / of saltwater / arranged / like letters / on an ancient scroll.””—Emma Wood, Editor of Stone Soup Magazine.

Cover art: Detail from ‘Fall’ (Samsung Nook) by Vivian Torres, 9, Chicago, IL.