Stone Soup Magazine: December 2019


Stone Soup Magazine: December 2019 )Volume 47, Issue 11)



5. There Goes the Sun by Phoebe Donovan: A strange man appears in Robin’s house one day and attempts to enlist him in the battle to save the Infinity Realm

13. Sky Blue Hijab by Seoyon Kim: A journalist travels to a refugee camp to report on the Syrian Civil War

19. Cafe Terrace at Night by Aoife O’Connell: One cold, hopeless night in Paris, a homeless orphan girl meets a mysterious woman

25. The Fossil by Marlena Kilian: A Spanish nobleman makes an astonishing discovery 


23. My Hand by Devon Mann

29 A Christmas Poem by Gianna Guerrero


Cover: Summer is All About Nature by Nataly Ann Vekker

4. A Glimpse of Winter by Hannah Parker

15. Fighter Jet by Ethan Hu

18. Halloween Moon by Hannah Parker

24. Black and White by Sage Millen

28. Bowl of Joy by Ethan Hu

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31. honor roll