Stone Soup Magazine: January 2020


The January 2020 issue of Stone Soup Magazine (Volume 48, Issue 1)



5. A World Without Color by Elyse Bambrough: In a colorless world full of trash, the writer dreams of a lush, vivid rainforest

17. A Perfect World by Ava Isabella Angeles: One, Two, and Three live in the perfect world—so why aren’t they happy?


9 The Illusory Life of Mr. Brite by Galen Halasz: In this play set in the future, a man begins to wonder if his computer is protecting him or controlling him

25. I Would Like to Speak to the Manager by Valentine Wulf: After a toaster burns his house down, an angry customer attempts to reach customer service


6. Huài shì hǎo shì (Evil Things, Good Things) by Sabrina Guo

22. Two Poems by Mazzi Maycotte


Cover: A Sweet World by Cathy Tu

4. Eternal Hourglass by Sage Millen

8. Flood by Anya Geist

16. Dryad by Filomena Bertucci

24. Nightlight by Daania Sharifi

31. honor roll