Stone Soup Magazine: June 2020


Stone Soup Magazine, June 2020 (Volume 48, Issue 6). Full color, 36 pages.

Letter from the Editor

Because of our production schedule, I am writing you this letter a few months in advance of when it will be published. It is now mid-March, and many of us are just beginning an indefi nite period of staying at home as much as we can to protect ourselves and our communities from COVID-19. I tend to think of home as a magical, comforting place. But when I’m home too long, or when I’m forced to stay home, it can start to seem more like a jail than a haven.

The two short stories in this issue, both of which revolve around leaving homes and creating new ones, helped remind me of how lucky I am to still be in my familiar, comfortable home—or, as Juliet Del Fabbro writes in her poem “morning,” in “the warm calming cave / that is my bed.” And this month, the last installment of the novella Elana ends—like many stories— with a homecoming. We hope you have enjoyed reading about Elana’s adventures!

Finally, whatever is going in the world, it is still almost summer vacation—yay! If I were a kid again, I would be spending these hot, lazy days writing, drawing, reading, and playing outside as much as possible.



5. Finding Home by Lena Donofrio

After moving to the U.S. from Vietnam, Hoa struggles to adapt

10. My Journey in the Curtain by Anya Geist

To protect themselves from Hitler, Ayden’s family must split up


21. Elana by Hannah Nami Gajcowski

Part Three: Elana teams up with a girl and her pet rat as she prepares for the final showdown with Casey


16. Three Poems by Juliet Del Fabbro


Cover: The Meeting by Keira Zhang

4. To the Other Sideby Grace Jones

11. Lights of Festivity by Anya Geist

17. In the Wind by Abigail Craven

20. The Little Princess by Rebecca Wu

36. honor roll