Stone Soup Magazine: March 2020


Stone Soup Magazine, March 2020 (Volume 48, Issue 3): 31 pages

Editor’s letter

This issue explores the extremes in nature— from the terrifying peaks of the mountains and the towering peaks of ocean waves to storms capable of wiping out an entire group of soldiers. The stories, poems, and art here all remind us of the awe-inspiring power latent within the earth, water, plants, and rocks that surround us. The Earth has seen it all.  As Zeke Braman writes in his poem “Mountain”:

        The footprints that have faded leave their story,

        The birds have an article that they will share,

        The trees have old legends

        Of kings and queens and knights,

        The ground has an account

The Earth holds and remembers our stories— in the form of fossils and artifacts, of course, but also in the landscape itself, which we have so drastically changed. We have transported plants and animals from their natural habitats to new ones. We have dug lakes and built mountains and created snow. And now, through climate change, we are causing fires to rage, oceans to rise, and storms to flood our cities. What “account” will the ground have of us in the next decade, the next century?

This month, I encourage you to explore the landscape around you—however ordinary it might seem—and to find the extreme, and also the beauty, within it.



5. The Asteroid Attack by Julia Hershon

A sudden rain of asteroids turns a normal school day into a terrifying experience

18. Slaying Monsters by Liam Hancock

William Morgan prepares to surf the same enormous waves that killed his father

27. William’s Journal by Eli Spaulding

After years of digging for artifacts from World War III, James finds something valuable


14. Mountain by Zeke Braman

17. The Crow by Aiah Morris

24. In My Liquid Tourmaline by Lauren Giglia

25. Nature by Penelope Purchase


Cover: Your Day to Shine by Story Kummer

4. Perspective H2O by Caitlin Goh

13. Mountains with Trees by Enoch Farnham

16. The Crow on Top of the Alps by Ziqing Peng

19. Admiring Ocean by Nataly Ann Vekker

26. Mushrooms on a Tree by Sophia Torres

31. honor roll