Stone Soup Magazine: May 2020


Stone Soup Magazine, May 2020 (Volume 48, Issue 5). Full color, 36 pages.



5. Whales and Cormorants by Leon Antonov

When a killer whale smashes into their ship, Alan and his pet cormorant have to fend for themselves

15. Real Life Checkmate by Harper Fortgang

Evelyn is teased for trying to join the Boys’ Chess Club


9. One Hop at a Time by Sara Heller

After a bad fall shakes her confidence as a ballerina, Sara resolves to get stronger


19 Elana by Hannah Nami Gajcowski

Part Two: When Casey blinds the army Elana and Henry have assembled, Elana must set out alone to fight her


12. Why are friends like that? by Lydia Iliff

13. I Am Me by Lilly-June Gordon

34. To Those in a Cage by Naomi Angel Farkas


Cover: Jellyfish by Heloise Matumoto

4. Up Over Bora Bora by Adhi Sukhdial

8. Cloud Dancer by Sage Millen

14. Portrait of Adolescence by Rishika Porandla

18. The Witch by Ava Shorten

36. honor roll