Stone Soup Magazine: November 2019


Stone Soup Magazine: November 2019 (Volume 47, Issue 10)



5.  Grateful by Vandana Ravi: A simple bike ride to school occasions a complex meditation on life

10. The Missing Hair by Oliver Giller: Oliver employs a detective to find his missing hair

13. The Cedar Bracelet by Ella Martinez Nocito: A girl needs the courage to face a new home and a new school all the way across the country

16. A Monarch’s Way Through by Alexa Rivera Rockwood: A monarch butterfly encounters many obstacles—pollution, cars, and predatory birds—on her migration route

25. Seanella’s Magical House by Sean O’Connor: A generous, imaginative turtle dreams of building a house for her friends

29. Green by Sascha Farmer: After moving from a small town in Canada to a big U.S. city, Gale struggles to adapt


8. In the Playroom by William Chui

23. Days by Analise Braddock

27. Two Poems by Griffin Romandetta


Cover: Water Droplets by Anya Geist

4. Contrast by Delaney Slote

9. Spirit to Healthy Living by Parinita Chandrashekar

12. Dandelions by Alicia Xin

17. Which Way Car Wash by Nicholas Taplitz

24. The Mountains Are Calling by Marco Lu

28. Lighthouse by Oishee Sinharay