Stone Soup Magazine: October 2019


Stone Soup Magazine: October 2019 (Volume 47, Issue 9)



5. The Ghost of the Forest by Carmen Flax: A mysterious, ghostly figure wanders the forest at night

6. In a Jar by Hudson Benites: Before a long heat wave turned the Earth into a desert, one person preserved each season

10. The Tree Outside My Window by Daniel Shaw: As he moves to a new room in a new house, a boy recalls his view from his old window

14. Migration by Sierra Glassman: A crane braves hazardous conditions to complete his first migration

22. Land of the Giiants by Alex Berman: A description of the fantastical creature the giiant and its remote island home

27. Windsong by Emma McKinny: Anticipation builds as Emma awaits her father’s opening-night performance in a new opera


9. The Mountain by Rhône Galchen

13. Northern Night by Poppy Lowenthal Walsh

25. Why Frogs Croak in Wet Weather by Malcolm Dillehay and Bryan Lux


Cover: Mirror Mirror by Avery Multer

4. A Lonely Girl by Sloka Ganne

7. Magic Flowers by Analise Braddock

12. Snowflake Hiding in Blues by Hannah Parker

16. Photography Portfolio by Sierra Glassman

26. Lady in Red by Alexa Zhang

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