Stone Soup Magazine: October 2020


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Stone Soup Magazine, October 2020. Volume 48, Issue 9. 48 pp.

Editor’s Note 

I have been thinking a lot about time in these past few months. Like all of you, I have been living in quarantine—the days blending into one another more than usual. But I also became a mother in April. And time changed. I would wake up before the baby and look at the clock (6:00 a.m.) then close my eyes for what felt like mere seconds and wake to her crying—suddenly it’s 7:30 a.m. I’d say to myself, “I’m going to bounce her for five more minutes.” I’d bounce and bounce and bounce and yet when I looked at the clock not even a full minute had passed! Which is to say that time seems so objective and yet our experience of it is entirely subjective. 

Or, as Sofia Dardzinski writes in her poem “Decisions,” 

A clock tells time

I believe it tells time from its perspective

Every clock is different

Every clock has a different view of things

The poems, stories, and personal narratives in this issue are all thinking, in their own way, around this idea of time, and often of loneliness, too—a condition that makes us even more attuned to the clock than usual.

I hope reading this issue will allow you to experience a time distinct from the time of your daily life!

– Emma Wood




5 The Last Birthday Boy by Olivia Ladell

41 My Life as A Tree by Aiden Chen

45 The Book With No Words by Michaela Frey

personal narrative

18 The Time I Learned of Death by Ilina Chaudhury

29 Past, Present, Future by Claire Jiang


16 Two Poems by Julia Marcus

23 Decisions by Sofia Dardzinski

26 Where I’m From by Talia E. Moyo

38 Two Poems by Teddy Lykouretzos

47 Afterthought by Daniel Shorten


4 Jupiter and Orion by Cora Burch

15 Five Open Eyes by Miya Nambiar

19 Rocks at Pohoiki Beach by Lila Raj

22 Coral Maze by Grace Williams

24 Two Drawings by Rithvi Bellamkonda

28 Sunflower Fields by Claire Jiang

40 Blue Jay in Spring by Cecilia Yang

44 Reaching by Jackie Cutrona


48 Honor Roll


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