Stone Soup Magazine: September 2019


Stone Soup Magazine: September 2019 (Volume 47, Issue 8)



5. The Hello Kitty Shirt by Una Dorr. A book lover dreaming of a better life uses poetry to cope

13. Coconut Pudding by Tristan Hui. To save her life, Thu must take his younger sister on a long journey from rural Vietnam to the city

19. Trenza Francesa, French Braids by Alina Samarasan. A busy morning opens a window onto Carlita’s family life

23. The Woolly Mammoth by Ava Bush. A giant woolly mammoth and a young girl, both outcasts, become fast friends

27. Overcoming by Salena Tang. Awkward and shy, Ava’s only happiness comes from reading dictionaries and learning new words


20. Two Poems by Layla Linnard

34. Chipped by Genesis Lee


Cover: Flowerwork in the Sky by Owen Scott

4. Give Me Your Hand by Ziqing Peng

12. Sunset Silhouettes by Anya Geist

18. Free as a Bird by Sage Millen

22. The Golden Brick Road by Sage Millen

29. Finding Self by Evelyn Yao

36. Hanukkah Morning by Leo Hiranandani

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