Stone Soup magazine: September/October 1978 (digital copy)


Stone Soup Magazine: September/October 1978 (volume 7, issue 1)

A 48-page collection of stories and poetry with illustrations. COVER: “Baking at Home,” by Saber Hassan El Sharkawi, age 14, Egypt.


4. Breaking Tradition by Jane Lamb, 10

9. The Web by Julie Singer, 12

10. The Alive Cloud by  Miranda Outman, 5

14. Bob’s Conflict by Thomas Buchanan, 10

16. Rats by  Vera Conrat, 9

18. A Lonely Night in the Woods by  Mary Beth Klatt, 13

20. The Crazy Day by  Phillip Jay McAndrews, 12

25. (Untitled) by  Pamela Payton, 13

32. Book Review (Silas and Con by A. C. Stewart; Atheneum: New York, 1977) by Sean Christopher Kelbley, 12

33. My Dog Clemintine by Audrey D. Haines, 7

40. Book Review (The Touchstone, A Fable by Robert Louis Stevenson, pictures by Uri Shulevitz; Greenwillow Books: New York, 1976) by Tim Lewy, 8

41 The Bicycle Phenomenon by Maureen Sloan, 13