Stone Soup Magazine: Special Navajo Issue (March/April 1989) – all sales support our outreach programs!



We found 60 copies of this 1980s issue of Stone Soup (Vol. 17, no. 4) in our storage cupboard when we moved offices recently, and we are selling them to raise fund for our creative outreach partnerships and programs for hard-to-reach and marginalized children. Take this opportunity to own and read a vintage issue of Stone Soup, in the knowledge that every cent of the purchase price will go towards furthering our mission. 

From the Introduction to the 48-page issue:

When we first began publishing stories by young Navajo writers in Stone Soup in 1985, we had a dream that one day we would be able to devote an entire issue to this wonderful material. At last our dream has come true, and we are proud to share our Special Navajo Issue with our readers.

In many ways, Navajo children are like all children—they love their grandparents and their pets, they have squabbles with their friends, they watch TV. But in some ways Navajo children are different. The Navajos have preserved many of the traditions of their ancestors. For example, when someone gets sick or has a problem, friends and family may gather in a hogan for a ceremony with a medicine man. Many Navajos herd sheep, just as their ancestors did, and they practice traditional crafts, such as rug weaving. Most Navajos speak both English and Navajo.

With two hundred thousand people in three different states (New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah), the Navajos make up the largest single group of Native Americans living in the United States today. Yet most people know very little about them and their culture. We hope that you will learn something about the Navajo people and what is important to them when you read this issue, and that your life will be a little richer for it.



My Great Grandpa / Delphine Martin

When My Brother Got in a Fight / Marlene Johnson 

The Indian Boy and the Hawk / Duane Hanley

The Puberty Ceremony / Leon King

How I Got Over My Dream / Diane Duboise


Rain / Rosina Dee

(Untitled) / James Yellowman

(Untitled) / Julius Talker

Joyfulness / Karen Black

The Old Barn / Rosemary Gillis

Tired / Rolynda Yazzie 


Portrait / Louise Silas 

At Home / Lisa Atcitty 

Portrait / Pernella Kitseally 

Self Portrait / Lenora Mark 


The Way We Used to Live / Arthur Manuelito 

Illustration / Franklin Wood 

Illustration / Arthur Manuelito 

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