The Golden Elephant, by Analise Braddock, 9


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The Golden Elephant by Analise Braddock
Published by Children’s Art Foundation–Stone Soup Inc., July 1st, 2020.
ISBN 978-0-89409-099-8, 40 pages. 

The Golden Elephant is a poetry collection by nine-year-old Analise Braddock, which won second place in the 2019 Stone Soup Book Contest. The collection is available in print as part of the double Summer (July/August 2020) issue of Stone Soup Magazine, and as a a solo collection in this eBook. Written when the author was 8 years old, this very special collection of 31 poems reveals the voice of an exceptional young talent.

“Braddock’s The Golden Elephant is a wild circus of a book populated with elephants, mice, space beasts, clowns, teachers, strongmen, lion tamers, and planets. Her poems are profound, contradictory (“You are always never alone”), dark, strange, and always playful (“Tigers are boss. / Leave them alone.”). Reading her poems makes me acutely aware of the mysterious relationship between language—grammar, rhythm, rhyme, and word choice—and thought.”—Emma Wood, Editor of Stone Soup Magazine.

Cover art: Detail from ‘Fall’ (acrylics) by Alyssa Wu, 12, Pleasanton, CA.




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