The Stone Soup Book of Science Fiction


The writing in this volume is by authors between the ages of 6 and 13 selected for publication in Stone Soup magazine. Since its beginning in 1973, Stone Soup has published art, poetry, and short fiction springing from the imaginations of young writers and artists. Throughout that time, some of our contributors have found inspiration in the wonders of outer space–in fact and in fiction.

This collection of 37 stories, 7 poems, and 1 play reflects the inventiveness and range of the sci-fi and, increasingly, cli-fi genres, and shows how far we can travel in our imaginations if we let them roam. It also shows how closely these often fantastical themes mirror our ongoing earthly concerns–from climate change to the power of computers, war, and events we struggle to explain. Join us for intergalactic voyages, alien visitations, climate emergencies, and futuristic battles– for dystopian futures, parallel universes, and magical events.

Some of these stories use technology and outer space as vehicles for silliness and fun, while others use them to consider deeper themes such as power, courage, gender equality, relationships, and the challenges of difference. Taken as a whole, they reflect the vastness of the universe of our young authors’ imaginations.

222 pages, ISBN 978-0-89409-080-6 (November 2019).



9 . Introduction

11. How the Universe Came to Be by Yutia Li, 9

14. Lightning Rod by Valerie Gill, 13

18.  Middlenames by Thomas Faulhaber, 13

28. A Test of Honor by Rebecca Orchard, 12

32.  Characteristic Property by Rachel Marris Reeves, 12

40.  Shadow by Lindsay Lauters, 12

43.  The Shooting Star by Maisie Zipfel, 10

44. Letters to Bobbi by Tatum Cocotos, 13

46. The Clock of Emotion by Elisabeth Baer, 10

50.  We Come in Peace by Andrew Davis, 13

58.  A Close Encounter of The Wrong Kind by Geoff Phelps, 13

62.  The Illusory Life of Mr. Brite by Galen Halasz, 13

73.  The Blue Planet by Arabella McClendon, 13

76.  Searching for Atlantis by Sonja Skye Wooley, 12

82.  Falling into Earth by Ethan Levin, 12

87.  The Magic Pen and the Superhero by Tudor Achim, 9

90.  Star Men by James Lindbloom, 11 

93.  The Missing Piece by Lucy Zanker, 11

102.  The Adventures of Mary by Nicholas Kundu, 9

108. My Space Trip by Heather Stevens, 10

114.  Space Cat!!! by Adrian Pollner, 6

116.  Window into the Wild by Claire Hekkala, 12

120.  In a Jar by Hudson Benites, 11

123.  The Moon by Andy Wu, 10

124.  The Moon’s Day Off by Sarah Kirchner, 9

127.  The Earth’s Bad Cold by Elizabeth Piet, 7

129.  On Pluto by Jill N. Lederman, 8

132.  La Pièce by James Bernard, 13

141.  The Mystical Creatures of Blue Spout Bay by Marlena Rohde, 12

147.  Why The Moon Changes Shape by James Lindbloom, 7 

149.  Sunk by Benjamin Mitchell, 13

155.  Outside the Dome by Brigit Pierce, 10, Sam Hinton, 11, and Hannah Feren, 10

162.  Galactic Rebels by Natalia Dunyak, 13

169.  Wish Upon A Star by Evan O’Corcoran, 11

170.  The World In 1984 by Ryan Owens, 8

171.  AE-51 by Parth Ravel, 12

175.  Precious Time by Ryan Kinnavy, 11

179. The Moon and My Heart by Rebecca Beaver, 13

180. The Transmitter by Sabrina Guo, 12 

187. George’s Dream by Yanni Yohannes, 9

189. Dance of the Gazelles by Sarah Thomson, 12

194. Never Say Never by Matt Blythe, 12

198. What Happened in Roswell by William Gwaltney, 13

207. Young Eyes by Allie Aguila, 13

214. Moonlight by Ashley Xu, 13


218. A NOTE ABOUT THE COVER ART by Li Lingfei, 8