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Personal Narrative
By Afoyo Lajoie Murogo
February 11, 2024
Personal Narrative
By Afoyo Lajoie Murogo
February 11, 2024

My name is MUROGO LAJOIE AFOYO. I am a 17 years and I came from Congo. I am residing in Nakivale refugee settlement since 2016. When I came here I never knew that I could ever write a little story about myself or other people until I came to join this program. Thank you for taking time reading my works and hope that you will.

Anthropology has enabled me to know when to concentrate while writing things about the environment.
It also enabled me to know how some people behave in their cultures. It enabled me to know my self; I mean that while writing I could write anything about me. I wrote the things that I think could be of change in the world
Like drumming to remember our culture because most of the time people drums just in their village.


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