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The Winter/Spring Writing Workshop Showcase

An appreciation of those who participated in our Winter/Spring Writing Workshop Session On April 3, 2021, we held our second official end of term reading, a showcase wherein our authors read aloud their best work in front of an audience. While not all of our authors decided to share their work, the formal reading still […]

The Long Winter, Reviewed by Chloe, 9

I was in my room reading and re-reading some boring history books for like, the hundredth time, when my mom, holding a stack of classic books, came in and said, “You need to read some classic literature.” I groaned. I knew that classic literature in my mom’s eyes was her having me read to my […]

The Cold Winter

It is Saturday morning, and Nellie yawns as she wakes up from her bed. The air feels crisp and cold in her room. It hurts to breathe. Hopefully dad just turned off the heater last night, and can turn it back on again today. Last time, the power company shut off our heat, and it […]


The howl of the wind The crisp air And the crunching of boots on a bed of snow The brightest white you will ever see The evergreens struggle against the wind Micah Lim, 8Guilford, CT

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