Stone Soup’s Patrons

We honor and thank everyone who has generously donated to Children’s Art Foundation–Stone Soup Inc. over the years, and thereby made our work possible. Each year since 2018 we have published in print the names of those who have donated in the previous year in the Stone Soup Annual. This page provides a complete record in one place.

2019 – 2020


One anonymous donor

Up to $5,000

One anonymous donor

Up to $3,000

Amanda Fox & Ulysses S.T. Hui in memory of Dianne Wepsic
Geist Wilson Charitable Fund
Sabrina Guo
Spencer Guo
Gerry Mandel (editor emerita)

Up to $1,000

Sally Shi in honor of Alexa Zhang and Keira Zhang
Hui Yang
One anonymous donor

Up to $500

Diane Aboulafia
Kana Norimoto
Clement & Sally Wood Gift Fund
One anonymous donor

Up to $250

Joanna Aloise
Joan Eisenstodt
Roger Forman
One anonymous donor

Up to $100

Josh Elman
Jung Kim
Cynthia Lippe
Fatima Mirza
Yue Tian in honor of Yutia Li
Janet Upton in memory of author Mary Fideles Todd
Cynthia Werth
One anonymous donor

Up to $50

Sally Shi
J.G. Stevenson
Ingrid Vliet
Adrian Wood
one anonymous donor

Up to $25

Colin Gordon
Michael Gordon
Eliza Hadjipavlou
Stephen Macknik
Mariclare McNight
George Shorten in memory of Michael McCann
Jill Stoner
Rebecca Yuan
One anonymous donor

Up to $10

Cameron Hardin
Nova Macknik-Conde
Michelle Perron
Vanessa Rhee
Two anonymous donors

2018 – 2019

Stone Soup is produced by the Children’s Art Foundation, a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization registered in California. While production of the magazine and website is largely funded by subscriptions, donations help us to expand our work. Our donation levels are each named for a well-known author or artist who, like our Stone Soup contributors, did remarkable work as children, before going on to adult greatness.

Many donors responded to our specific appeals in 2019, especially our ongoing refugee project, as well as our drive to bring Stone Soup to children in marginalized communities. We also received funds for the first time from Amazon Smile, as well as some corporate matched funds.

Since the production of last year’s Stone Soup Annual in early November 2018, we have received donations from the following kind individuals (and others who wished to remain anonymous). We thank all of them sincerely for their generosity.

Charles Dickens (over $1,500)

Aileen S. Andrew Foundation
Anu Sukhdial

Jane Austen (up to $1,500)

Sabrina Guo
Spencer Guo
Marquette Bank

Edith Wharton (up to $500)

Gerry Mandel
The Bohne Foundation
Rachel Thornton

Albrecht Dürer (up to $250)
Roger Forman
Yi Lei
Cynthia Werth

Charlotte Brontë (up to $100)

Diane Aboulafia
Tara Brown
Therese Calegari
Richard Cohn
Coventry Edwards-Pitt
Barry & Denise Itzkowitz (in memoriam Lillian Perlman)
Raymond Norris
Ziggy Rendler-Bregman
Doug Roberts
Brion Sprinsock & Kristine Albrecht
J. G. Stevenson

Margaret Atwood (up to $50)

E. Auberg
Gail Chesler
Joan Eisenstodt
David Harvey
Julie Minnis
Jennifer Rinterknecht
Rikke Vognsen & Bob Beaird (in memoriam Lillian Perlman)

Daisy Ashford (up to $25)

Natalie Agraz
Lisa Applegate
Annie Barentine
Anna Birman
Antoinette Benedetto
Terese Bridges
Jenhau Chen
Heather Davison
Noelle Frerichs
Debbie Gibson
Anne Githens
Alicia Jones
Laura Moran
Linda Roettger
Sharyl Ross (in memoriam Lillian Perlman)
Wes Rowe
Svetlana Rowell
Kim Sauvageot
Lucas Van Lenten
Alicia Vigil
Ekaterina de Vil
Kristina Wilson

2017 – 2018

Stone Soup is produced by the Children’s Art Foundation, a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization registered in California. While most of what we do is funded by subscriptions, we are also the grateful recipients of donations, which help us expand our work. Our suggested donation levels are each named for a well-known author or artist who, like our Stone Soup contributors, did remarkable work as children, before going on to adult greatness. Since the publication of last year’s Stone Soup Annual, we have received donations from the following kind individuals. We thank all of them sincerely for their generosity.

Edith Wharton (up to $500)

Spencer Guo

Albrecht Dürer (up to $250)

Roger Forman

Charlotte Brontë (up to $100)

Bridget Brett
Sabrina Guo
Rachel Thornton

Margaret Atwood (up to $50)

Sarah Bilston
Peter Clark
Yael Gertner
Vrinda Khanna
Aparna Ramachandran
Rachel Thornton

Daisy Ashford (up to $25)

Joan Lee Holdefer
Debbie Mason
Theresa Wallinger


We also gratefully acknowledge the significant support of our founders, friends, and other major donors throughout the lifetime of Stone Soup:

Michael Axelrod
Mr Alvin Baum
Joanna Hamburg
Mr & Mrs Lowell Christy
Gerry Mandel, Editor Emerita
Lillian McMullen
Mrs Harry Rubel
John & Dorothy Rubel
Mrs Mildred Rosencranz
Garth Sheldon

Children’s Art Foundation-Stone Soup Inc. is a 501(c)(3) educational charity registered in the United States of America, EIN: 23-7317498. All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. No good or services are provided in exchange for contributions.