Coronavirus Haiku, poetry by Amy Richman, 10

Coronavirus Haiku By Amy Richman, 10 Coronavirus I am lonely now because I am at home Coronavirus Friends to see in the morning No I can’t no more Coronavirus I will try to stay strong now I know I can fight Coronavirus I am stuck inside for now I want to get out Coronavirus But […]

Covid-19, a poem of hope by Audrey Chuang, 11

Covid-19 by Audrey Chuang, 11 The news rings in my head The anger and negativity swirling around me I can’t settle My heart won’t settle Everyone’s hearts won’t settle Every pair of anxious eyes Waiting for the image For the image Of crime Death The old book that I have read millions of times by […]

Tough Times, a poem by Aarush Iyengar, 12

Tough Times by Aarush Iyengar, 12 Tough times are here, So keep your loved ones near. Be happy and sing a song, When you feel the days are long. Keep your spirits up in different ways, Work and play inside, eat a bag of LaysⓇ Don’t freak out, don’t go crazy, Do what everyone does […]