corona virus, a poem by Max Corthésy, 11

corona virus By Max Corthésy, 11   infected, undetected putting people in quarantine like a routine.   uncured, must endure washing hands a demand.   infectious, contagious hand to food, food to mouth, thousand dead, some sick in bed.   China, Italy might be the death of me countries on lock down.   watching right now […]

Virus, a poem by Chloe Deyo, age 11

Virus by Chloe Deyo, 11 “Wash your hands.” “Don’t touch your face.” That’s what they say in every germy case. All it has brought is pain. I can’t get it out of my brain. It’s one of my greatest fears. I hope I don’t catch it here. Will the Coronavirus ever end? Will our hope […]

A COVID-19 Poem by Cali Bennett, 11

A COVID-19 POEM by Cali Bennett, 11 I hate COVID-19 It is bad, bad, bad It will not leave It is as intense as the cold water in the ocean, like when you are trying to get out of the water, but you can’t Like a river rushing all around you, then it’s all gone […]

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