Testimonials for Stone Soup Classes

“Stone Soup is a crucial part of my being a writer! Every week I go to a Stone Soup writing workshop. Through this, I discover new techniques to make my writing better and figure out how to expand on techniques I already use.” 

— Peri Gordon, 11

“We are impressed with the marvelous writing our nine year old is doing through this workshop!”

— Ronny Asher, parent

“I felt that the topics allowed me to see my writing through a more artistic lens; to me, it wasn’t so much what I was writing about, but how I was saying it. This felt like a deeper way to approach my writing, which I really enjoyed. I also appreciated the opportunity to share my writing and receive helpful feedback from Conner-and to hear my fellow classmates share their writing. I learned a lot from them, and saw many things that I was able to incorporate into my own writing. Overall, I learned a lot through Conner’s classes this spring, and felt I was able to look at my writing through a new point of view, one where I was looking deeper into how exactly I constructed my stories, poetry, and vignettes.”

— Anya Geist, 14

“Thank you for continuing this workshop and for helping my daughter gain confidence in herself, not just as a writer but as a teenager who’s just trying to find her voice in this world.”

Lauren Kline, parent

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