The Stone Soup Annual

Stone Soup Magazine
June 2019

The Stone Soup Annual brings together the full year’s magazine issues, along with selected content from our young bloggers and composers, in one mighty volume. We have published this collection since 2017, and it is now a fixture in our publishing calendar, available from late November every year: a great way to give the whole year of Stone Soup content real presence on your bookshelf!

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Stone Soup Annual 2017
ISBN: 978-0-89409-045-5 (print) / 978-0-89409-077-6 (eBook)
368 pages, full color
$34.99 / $24.99

Our first ever Annual, the Stone Soup Annual 2017 pulls together the 8 issues of the magazine published in 2017 (the year that the magazine went digital only for an extended period) in a single full-color volume. In addition to the magazine content, this first Annual marks the beginning of our tradition of publishing in print a selection of work from our website: blog posts, projects, musical compositions, contest winners, and more from our young authors, artists and creators.

Cover: “Garden in the Day” by Kathleen Werth, 7. Painting published in Stone Soup, September 2017.

Stone Soup Annual 2018
ISBN: 978-0-89409-057-8 (print) / 978-0-89409-076-9 (eBook)
412 pages, full color
$34.99 / $24.99

What excites us the most about this year’s Annual is the variety and power of what our authors and artists created during the year. There are page-long stories that evoke what we call a “sense of place,” there are long stories that explore what it means to move house and to lose a friend, to bully and to be bullied, there are small poems that take on the meaning of the world and long poems that describe a single thing. There are contemporary fairytales, and stories that attempt to up-end our idea of the “fairytale.” There are photographs, pastel drawings, paintings, collages, and watercolors. There is a screenplay, a movie review, a couple of self-portraits. From our bloggers, there are book reviews, musical compositions, comics, and essays on a range of subjects. Welcome to the Stone Soup Annual 2018.

Cover: ““Mountain Dweller” by Eva Stoitchkova, 11.

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