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June 2019

In 2018, Stone Soup edited, expanded and reissued its collection of anthologies–thematic volumes of stories by under 14-year-olds, drawn from the archives of Stone Soup magazine. There are currently 8 books in the series, covering topics our kids have been writing about since the beginning of Stone Soup, 46 years ago. Whether your child’s enthusiasm is for animals, fantasy, historical fiction, sports, or poetry, there is something for everyone in this series, which pulls together some of the best writing we’ve published.

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The Stone Soup Book of Animal Stories
ISBNs: 978-0-89409-059-2 (print) / 978-0-89409-068-4 (eBook)
227 pages, b&w
$10.00 / $7.50

This collection contains 40 short stories and one poem about animals, written by and for kids. Inside, you will find animal encounters of all sorts, from the day-to-day pleasures of a beloved pet to the imaginary space of a wild animal’s experience. You will read stories of joy, freedom, courage, danger, loss, sorrow, adventure, and love, and meet a few of the most memorable animals that have appeared in the pages of Stone Soup.

Cover: “Mountain Quail” by Sierra Glassman, 10. Watercolor published in Stone Soup, October 2017.

The Stone Soup Book of Family Stories
ISBN: 978-0-89409-060-8 (print) / 978-0-89409-069-1 (eBook)
224 pages, b&w
$10.00 / $7.50

The 46 stories and one poem in these pages discuss all kinds of family—natural, adopted and blended—in all sorts of moods—sad, playful, resigned and joyful. You’ll meet siblings, cousins, parents and step-parents, newborns, grandparents, and everything in between. Prepare to be moved, challenged and entertained by our young writers’ insights into every aspect of family life.

Cover: “Teetering on the Edge” by Gordon Su, 12. Illustration for the story published in Stone Soup, May/June 2014.

The Stone Soup Book of Fantasy Stories
ISBN: 978-0-89409-063-9 (print) / 978-0-89409-070-7 (eBook)
238 pages, b&w
$10.00 / $7.50

In this collection our young authors take us to fantastical lands ruled over by dragons, wizards, and princesses, and reveal strange happenings in mythical castles, secret gardens, and magical forests. We meet powerful unicorns, wicked barons, handsome princes, mysterious strangers, fearsome creatures, and armored knights (male and female). From ghost stories to fairy stories, come with us to be bewitched, bedazzled, and entertained: Once upon a time . .

Cover: “Leprechaun Rain” by Isabella Ronchetti, 13. Illustration for the story published in Stone Soup, March/April 2015.

The Stone Soup Book of Festival & Holiday Stories
ISBN: 978-0-89409-065-3 (print) / 978-0-89409-072-1 (eBook)
246 pages, b&w
$10.00 / $7.50

This volume of stories about Festivals and Holidays is part of a series of books in which we bring together some of our young writers’ finest work on particular themes. The 53 stories and 3 poems in these pages address all manner of celebrations in different cultures, times, and places all over the world. Join us for a year of secular and religious holidays, tackled with the imagination and energy of our young authors.

Cover: “Being Lucia” by Ravela Smyth, 11. Illustration for the story published in Stone Soup, January/February 2015.

The Stone Soup Book of Friendship Stories
ISBN: 978-0-89409-061-5 (print) / 978-0-89409-071-4 (eBook)
232 pages, b&w
$10.00 / $7.50

In these 42 tales and one poem exploring the many facets of friends and friendship you will meet best friends and (fr)enemies, confident kids and worried nerds, new friends, old friends and long-lost friends. From the challenges of making friends in a strange place to the joys of relaxing and having fun with familiar faces, these stories reveal the importance of friendship in our lives.

Cover: “Twisted Friendships” by Christy Callahan, 13. Illustration for the story published in Stone Soup, May/June 2001.

The Stone Soup Book of Historical Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-89409-064-6 (print) / 978-0-89409-074-5 (eBook)
242 pages, b&w
$10.00 / $7.50

The 35 stories and one poem in these pages will take you back in time and help you travel to distant lands. With this selection of fictional retellings of historical events—from building the pyramids, to the American Revolution, to the Wright brothers’ first flight, and beyond—join our young writers to learn about the past, and to bring yourself closer to those times and events through the power of strong characters and great storytelling.

Cover: “The Bright Star” by Leigh McNeil-Taboika, 13. Illustration for the story published in Stone Soup, November/December 2011.

The Stone Soup Book of Poetry
ISBN: 978-0-89409-066-0 (print) / 978-0-89409-073-8 (eBook)
180 pages, b&w
$10.00 / $7.50

Inside this volume of poetry you will find a selection of 120 poems for every taste and mood, organized by theme and touching on every aspect of human experience. Within the broad categories of Seasons, Friends and Family, Animals, Night, Nature, and Reflections you will find our young poets making creative use of language and form to explore feelings, meaning, and the richness of life.

Cover: “Lord of the Binder Rings” by Ula Pomian. Photograph published in Stone Soup, April 2018.

The Stone Soup Book of Sports Stories
ISBN: 978-0-89409-067-7 (print) / 978-0-89409-075-2 (eBook)
242 pages, b&w
$10.00 / $7.50

In this volume of 46 stories and one poem you will read about sports as diverse as canoeing, football, tennis, surfing, and running, with some baseball, rock climbing, basketball, skiing, and skateboarding in between. From the excitement of learning a new skill or winning a race, to the frustration of injuries–or just being a beginner–these 46 stories and one poem bring alive all the thrills and spills of sportsmanship.

Cover: “If Only” by Christian Miguel, 12. Illustration for the story published in Stone Soup, September/October 2014.

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