January/February 2005

A Second Chance

Briiiiing! The fire alarm screeched. “Hurry Jared, this isn’t a drill!” my friend shouted. I excitedly dashed over to the supply closet and yanked on my fireproof suit. I followed my fellow volunteers into the shiny crimson truck just as the driver flipped on the earsplitting sirens. For the first time since I created the […]

My Trixie

Curled on the dining room table Furry cheek snuggled against the cloth Trixie purrs Tail twitching and ears cocked Waiting for the sound of cat food in the bowl I rub my face in her tummy Breathing in rich cat-smell As she rumbles, happy To be home After a trot around the neighborhood Mrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeew? She […]

A Parting Gift

“Melly!” My best friend Aisha catches my arm. “What’s up, Aisha?” I ask, because her big brown eyes tell me that something is up, and it’s not good. “Will you walk with me?” What she means is can I walk with her around the dirt track that surrounds the soccer field, one of the play […]