November/December 2008

Louisiana’s Song

Louisiana’s Song, by Kerry Madden; Viking Children’s Books: New York, 2007; $16.99 “We just keep walking but going nowhere.” This statement, spoken by Livy Two, the main character in Louisiana’s Song, explains the children’s difficulty in reconnecting to their father after his car accident. The car accident leaves him without any memory of his family […]


Zambia sat in a rare patch of green grass, surrounded by the tall yellow straw-like plants that made up the African savanna, her homeland. This was her place. She came here to be alone with her thoughts and escape life’s anxieties. A feeling of peacefulness washed over her every time she lay down there. She’d […]

Stille Nacht A World War I Christmas

CHRISTMAS EVE, 1967 ISLINGTON, LONDON, ENGLAND Old Tom Foxley sat in his living room by the fireplace hearth, the logs of the fire burning brightly. His dog, Mack, lay next to his armchair, like a pile of laundry, his shadow flickering on the wall behind him. The warmth of the fire was the only warmth […]