November/December 2012

Missoula of the Mountains

We all got quiet, admiring her beauty It was finally spring in the woods of Montana. The bitter coldness had ended at last, and not only was the temperature warmer, but also the hearts of those who lived there. Bozeman, a chocolate-brown horse, was about to have a baby. Her life as a rodeo horse […]

Shriveled Roses

Under the gray sky In a dreary meadow, One with the trees and fallen leaves. A raven flies overhead And the cold north winds Start to creep in. But in between two oaks is where they lie. Once flourishing and lush, just like this meadow. Shriveled up, facing down With a pile of petals Upon […]

Not Quite as Easy as Pie

“Great job, guys!” Gabby smiled. “You made a pie!” I heard a loud bang! Followed by a “No, darn it!” I rolled my eyes, knowing Max was in the kitchen again. Clumsy, fumbling, so not-a-chef-and-never-will-be, Max. I peeked around the corner of the door frame, only to see him and his cat, Rufus, covered in […]