Donate to the Children’s Art Foundation

Stone Soup Magazine
Sept/Oct 2016

The Children’s Art Foundation’s purpose is promoting children’s creativity. Through publishing the best creative work by kids for kids we inspire kids to do their best. For 43 years, Stone Soup Magazine, our flagship product, has been a print publication. Your donation helps us transition into digital platforms to take advantage of the flexibility that digital provides. Your gift today helps us move from publishing writing and art, only, to also publishing children’s photography, video, musical compositions, and performance arts. Help us innovate. Help us develop a digital platform that both appeals to children and that supports teachers with a culturally enriched child-based creative arts curriculum. Together, we can develop the next generation of creative artists and thinkers. Thank you.

  • $25: An honoraria for a child published in Stone Soup Magazine.
  • $75: Fund a teacher to develop curriculum material.
  • $100: Contribute to a fund of prize money to help us attract the best creative work by kids in a variety of genres currently under represented including Best Novel, Best Short Video, Best Musical Composition, Best Spoken Word Video.
  • $150: Pays for producing an article in Stone Soup Magazine.
  • $250: Pays for editing a video of a Stone Soup author talking about the writing process.
  • $750: Helps us hire marketing talent to expand our reach into schools.
  • $1,500: Pays to publish a print anthology of student writing with a dedication to the donor.
  • $2000: Be a named sponsor of one issue of Stone Soup Magazine.
  • $5,000: The freedom to innovate.

Thank you for becoming a part of community that is The Children’s Art Foundation.

The Children’s Art Foundation – Stone Soup is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.