Frequently Asked Questions

Stone Soup Magazine
March/April 2017

What ages is Stone Soup intended for?

In general, Stone Soup is for 8- to 13-year-olds. Good readers under age 8 might also enjoy it. Some readers continue to enjoy it after they turn 14. Our writers and artists are all ages 8 to 13.

How can I send my work to Stone Soup?
Read our Contributors’ Guidelines for a detailed answer to this question.

What are my chances of getting published?
We receive an average of 200 submissions a week. We really enjoy seeing everyone’s work, but, unfortunately, we only have room to publish a tiny percentage of the work we receive in our print magazine, Stone Soup.

Stone Soup’s age limit is 13. Where can I send my work after I turn 14?
There are very few outlets for teen writers. We’re sorry to say there isn’t a publication we recommend. You might try your own Google search, or ask the librarian at your public library to help you find resources for teen writers. Good luck!

How many years has Stone Soup been published?
Since 1973. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2013!

Where does the name Stone Soup come from?
Stone Soup is the name of a folktale that is told in many countries, including Russia, Sweden, and parts of Africa. Most of the versions tell how a pot of water and a stone can turn into a great soup when everyone contributes a little something — a potato, a carrot, some chicken. In Stone Soup magazine, all our writers contribute a little something to make each issue rich and tasty. Click here to read more about the Stone Soup folktale.

Why don’t you accept e-mail submissions?
Stone Soup is a very small company. We’re afraid if we allowed e-mail submissions we would be flooded with material and wouldn’t be able to handle it all. We like to think that serious young authors would be more than willing to polish their work, print it out in a nice format, and mail it to us. Read our Contributors’ Guidelines for more information.

What is Stone Soup’s circulation?
Our circulation is about 15,000, with 12,000 copies going to subscribers and 3000 copies in bookstores. Because many of our subscribers are schools and libraries, we estimate our readership to be about 60,000.

Which bookstores carry Stone Soup?
Stone Soup is carried in many Barnes & Noble stores, as well as many independent bookstores. However, our bookstore sales are handled by outside distributors; we do not know exactly which stores carry us.

What rights does Stone Soup purchase for the work it publishes?
When we select a piece for publication, we send a permission contract to the author’s parents. Normally, we purchase all rights, but we are happy to make other arrangements when asked.

Do you publish any other magazines besides Stone Soup?
No, our company, the Children’s Art Foundation, publishes only one magazine: Stone Soup. However, we also publish anthologies that collect stories from past issues into books that focus on different themes. You can purchase these from the Stone Soup Store.

Do you publish any work at all by adults? Book reviews? Artwork?
No, everything we publish is by young writers and artists. Our age limit is 13.

I own a bookstore and would like to carry Stone Soup. How can I order it?
Our bookstore sales are handled by outside distributors. Please contact Ingram Periodicals.

Do you have any job openings?
Sorry, not at this time.

Do you have an intern program?
Sorry again, but because our staff is small, we are not equipped to handle an intern program.

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