Frequently Asked Questions

Stone Soup Magazine
March/April 2017

What ages is Stone Soup intended for?
In general, Stone Soup is for 8- to 13-year-olds. Good readers under age 8 might also enjoy it. Some readers continue to enjoy it after they turn 14. Our writers and artists are all ages 8 to 13.

How can I send my work to Stone Soup?
Read our Contributors’ Guidelines for a detailed answer to this question.

What are my chances of getting published?
We receive 200 to 300 submissions a month. We really enjoy seeing everyone’s work, but, unfortunately, we are able to publish only a tiny percentage of the work we receive in Stone Soup.

Stone Soup’s age limit is 13. Where can I send my work after I turn 14?
There are very few outlets for teen writers. We’re sorry to say there isn’t a publication we recommend. You might try your own Google search, or ask the librarian at your public library to help you find resources for teen writers. Good luck!

How many years has Stone Soup been published?
Since 1973. We celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2013!

Is the print version of Stone Soup still available?
After 44 years as a print magazine (the last few both print and online), Stone Soup shifts to online only beginning with our July/August 2017 issue. Our online issues have all the same great writing and art readers love in the print issues, just in a different format. Bonus materials, all by kids, include music performances and compositions, videos, photographs, and spoken word. Enjoy Stone Soup Online in brilliant color on computer, tablet, or smart phone, or get the Stone Soup app. Explore the current issue online, as well as 20 years of back issues in the Stone Soup Archives. Current subscribers, check your mailbox in June 2017 for more information.

Where does the name Stone Soup come from?
Stone Soup is the name of a folktale that is told in many countries, including Russia, Sweden, and parts of Africa. Most of the versions tell how a pot of water and a stone can turn into a great soup when everyone contributes a little something — a potato, a carrot, some chicken. In Stone Soup Magazine, all our writers contribute a little something to make each issue rich and tasty. Click here to read more about the Stone Soup folktale.

What rights does Stone Soup purchase for the work it publishes?
When we select a piece for publication, we send a permission contract to the author’s parents. Normally, we purchase all rights, but we are happy to make other arrangements when asked.

Do you publish any other magazines besides Stone Soup?
No, our company, the Children’s Art Foundation, publishes only one magazine: Stone Soup. However, we also publish anthologies that collect stories from past issues into books that focus on different themes. You can purchase these from the Stone Soup Store.

Do you publish any work at all by adults? Book reviews? Artwork?
No, everything we publish is by young writers and artists. Our age limit is 13.

Do you have any job openings or internships?
We are always open to inquiries from qualified people who want to help us with our projects. Send your cover letter and resume to editor William Rubel.


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