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Becoming Pablo Neruda: The Dreamer, Reviewed by Emma, 10

The Dreamer, written by Pam Muñoz Ryan and illustrated by Peter Sís, is a unique story based on Pablo Neruda’s ...
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A photograph of a quaint birdhouse surrounded by snowflakes.

Out of the Pandemic, poetry in seasons by Paridhi, 13 | Part I: Winter 2020

Author's Statement I started writing this piece as an optional assignment in my seventh grade English class. It was an ...
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What My America Looks Like, a poem by Eboni, 13

What My America Looks Like Eboni Maxwell, 13 My America looks like chaos, a burning flame that cannot be put ...
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An Unsent Letter

An Unsent Letter Ellis Yang, 12 Dear Miriam,  That morning in the city, two weeks before you left, I walked ...
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“World,” a poem by Kai, 10

World Kai Gajilan Fowler, 10 Bright, so bright  But Lonely, and tired.  Lonely   Lonely from being isolated for so long  ...
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World War II Story aircraft bomber

The Satanic Pact that Kickstarted World War II

How close was the world to being a Fascist-Leninist dystopia if a joint alliance of Hitler, Stalin, and Hideki Tōjō ...
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