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A Town Girl’s Year in the Countryside: A Review of Phebe Fairchild by Mary G. Lane, 11

Have you ever been away from home for a year? In the book Phebe Fairchild, set in the 1830's, a ...
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Bridge to Terabithia, Reviewed by Alex Reuhs, 13

Bridge to Terabithia, by Katherine Patterson, is a beautifully-told coming-of-age story. It is, rightfully so, an award-winning novel, with likable ...
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“I, Pencil”: Diving Into Leonard E. Read’s Stunning Masterpiece

What could one essay, written in 1946, have anything to do with the present day? With me? With... you? I ...
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Poetry Soup Ep. 8 – “On Not Mowing the Lawn” by Mary Oliver

Transcript: Hello, and welcome to Poetry Soup! I’m your host, Emma Catherine Hoff. Today, I’ll be reading and talking about ...
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Home Sick, a poem by Carolina Ulloa-Compton, 12

staying at homeand being alonemy mom says it will endbut my dad says this is not the enddiscussing what will ...
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Out of It, a poem by Madeline Male, 14

Out of school!Out of paper towels --Out of sanitizer . . .Out of masks.Out of sports.Out of work.Out of business.Out ...
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