Article Category: Art

Stone Soup Magazine
July/August 2018

By Cordelia Athas

Church at Sunset, photograph Cordelia Athas, 10San Jose, CA

Orange Landscape, watercolor and colored pencils Eli Breyer Essiam, 10Cambridge, MA

Untitled, tempera, watercolor, cellophane Reed Skelton, 8Santa Cruz, CA

Among the Asparagus, photograph, Canon Powershot Elph160 Ula Pomian, 12Ontario, Canada

Peering Out, photograph, Nikon D3400 Delaney Slote, 12Missoula, MT

Untitled, tempera, watercolor, cellophane Chloe Goodman, 7Santa Cruz, CA

Connected with Nature, watercolor Antara Gangwal, 10San Jose, CA

Ostriches Sierra Glassman, 12Watsonville, CA          

Red Fern, by Hannah Parker Hannah Parker, 13South Burlington, VT      

Pink, watercolor, marker, and crayon on paper Abhi Sukhdial, 9Stillwater, OK