Rainy Day

Stone Soup Magazine
December 2018

By Mia Fang

Painter Essentials 5 on a Wacom tablet and computer Mia Fang, 13West Lafayette, IN

Acrylic paint, oil pastels, and tempera paint Pearl Lee, 10Greenwich, CT

Canon SX600HS Sage Millen, 10Vancouver, BC, Canada

Photograph Ula Pomian, 12Windsor, ON, Canada

  Hannah Parker, 13South Burlington, VT

iPhone 5 Estella E. J. Howard, 11Alberta, Canada

Pastel chalk Quinn Kammer, 13Madison, WI

Pencil and copic marker Avery Multer, 11Chicago, IL

Nikon Coolpix L830 Hannah Parker, 12 Burlington, VT

Acrylic on canvas Caitlin Goh, 8Dallas, TX