Article Category: Art

Stone Soup Magazine
March 2018

By Eva Stoitchkova

Forest Creature Eva Stoitchkova, 11Ontario, Canada

“Mid-Autumn Festival,” watercolor. When the 15th day of the 8th lunar month comes, the moon becomes completely round. We would reunite with our families....

Peeking Through Lara Katz, 14Weston, CT

Rusty Sarah Liu, 12Weston, FL

Hidden Moon Hannah Parker, 11South Burlington, VT

Flower Cow Cole Gibson, 8San Rafael, CA

Glass Bunny Sarah Liu, 12Weston, FL

Untitled Adhav Dhanavel Kumar, 10Coimbatore, India

Succulent Marlena Rohde, 12San Francisco, CA

Creek Reflection Filomena Bertucci, 12Quilcene, WA