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February 2023
Cover: Reflections by Karuna Yang, 11

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Escape from Manzular

Pearl dreams of escaping Manzular, a once-peaceful world controlled by an evil witch Walking through our kingdom at night is usually dangerous, but now it…

By Cecilia Hodgman, Art by Sabrina Lu, 13

The Violin Lady

Hoa wonders about the mysterious lady who is always playing the violin The woman had always been there, it seemed from the beginning of eternity,…

By Eleazar Reiner, Art by Nora Giuffrida, 12

The Discovery

A British soldier, lost in the desert, stumbles upon an enemy camp The evening sky—infused with soft pink and purple hues of twilight from the…

By Nate Varga, Art by Emily Yu, 13


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Slip, Crash, Boom

A fun backyard play session with friends takes a turn when Eloïse falls off the monkey bars This story is dedicated to my Nana for…

By Eloïse de Larquier, Art by Tutu Lin, 10

The Apartment

The narrator says goodbye to her great-grandmother’s apartment Sunday, Feb. 20, 2022  I’m going to miss Gram’s apartment a lot. I wish we could stay…

By Viviana Perez, Art by Tutu Lin, 12

Never Stop Imagining

The writer’s imagination turns a pile of driftwood into a pirate ship Whoosh, whoosh! The wind whipped my hair. Seagulls struggled to fly against the…

By Rachel Jess Bueker, Art by Analise Braddock, 12
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Wish Upon

Red Galaxy Up, up, up. Into the deep, dark sky. The moon is up there, Almost full, Not quite. I ignore it. Tonight I’m looking…

By Anna Weinberg, Art by Ahaana Gangwal, 11


The Great Underneath Trees gain new fay-looking Cloaks when autumn comes As if they were on fire The trees’ beauty decorates the forest Envy evergreens…

By Oisin Stephens, Art by Sabrina Lu, 12

The Pathway

As the rain began the river ran, past the emerald trees, past the rubbery shrub and into the crystal clear creek, as you walk past…

By Jasmine Manderson-Arnott, 12


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Power and Beauty

Watercolor on paper

By Aspen Clayton, 11



By Aspen Clayton, 11

The Great Underneath

iPhone 11 Pro

By Sabrina Lu, 13

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