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May/June 2023
Cover: Balance by Emma Hadzhieva, 12

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Cousins (Part I)

Nicky’s rivalry with her perfect cousin grows as she learns they have even more in common than she thought This is the first installment of…

By Emily Chang, 14

Where I Belong

A young wolf finds himself drawn to another, dangerous world The wolf pack silently wandered through the forest, our leader in front. I stood by…

By Sarah Iwanaga, Art by Ivory Vanover, 12

Keystone Fairies

A call to action to protect the unique types of fairies that are helping preserve our ecosystems A keystone species is a species so important…

By Emory Lim, Art by Eva Chen, 9


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The narrator recalls a memorable trip to Australia’s Sunshine Coast People call the Gold Coast Australia’s Miami. They sing the praises of how it attracts…

By Amber Zhao, Art by Audrey Li, 11

The Adventures of Jane and Louise: Creek Cleanup

Cousins Jane and Louise turn a boring morning watching their brothers play soccer into a fun, meaningful adventure I leaned against the window, the cold…

By Louise Johnson, Art by Bobby Jiang, 11

Fond Memories

Before moving to New York, the narrator recalls some of her favorite moments and places in Bellevue “GABBY!! Hurry up! We’re going to be late.”…

By Gabrielle McCaskill, Art by Tatum Lovely, 11
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Reality Vacuum

A vacuum, residing in the backdrop of life You never choose the adventure It opens up to you The flowers on the field you would…

By Saketh Lingisetty, 13

A Tilting Tribute to Myself

I question myself, as much as I would like to As much as a tumultuous wave whose reason is still due My backpack is full,…

By Saketh Lingisetty, 13


Hmmm . . . Is it? Is the time ripe? Or is it not . . . Hmmm . . . Better go check in…

By Celia Chen, 11


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The Queen Portrait

iPhone 8, Picsart

By Tatum Lovely, 12


iPhone SE

By Amity Doyle, 13

Dewdrops on Spider Web

iPhone 11

By Zoe Badgett, 12

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