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November/December 2023
Cover: Peace by Ivory Vanover, 12

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Within the Stars

After the death of her husband, Olive discovers the healing power of creativity. Olive didn’t know how long she’d sat on her bed staring at…

By Mia Atkinson, Art by Ivory Vanover, 11

Imogen’s Journey

After the terrors of Kristallnacht, Imogen’s Jewish family must flee German-occupied Vienna. That morning, the Bernsteins had risen early, creating quite a commotion as they…

By Camille Scott, Art by Madeline Male, 12


A girl learns strategies for life by playing a traditional Korean game with her grandfather. In traditional Korea, there is a game that requires both…

By Haeun Kim, Art by Paris Andreou Hadjipavlou, 12


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An Unusual Haircut

Carys and her family shave their heads in support of her grandmother, who has cancer. Bzzzzzzzzzzz. The clipper buzzed through my brother Noah’s hair. It…

By Carys Kim, Art by Arwen Gamez, 9

Halloween Guilt

When neighbors leave Halloween candy unattended, how much is right to take? Every year on Halloween night, I spot something bewildering. I spot something that…

By Yanling Lin, Art by Leticia Cheng, 12


Avaline is afraid to start kindergarten It was May 2016. I had just turned five. My mom and I were sitting at our large glass…

By Avaline Mikhasiuta, Art by Leticia Cheng, 11
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Just One

You are just one apple on a whole apple tree but the smallest seed will make the biggest difference eventually

By Charlotte Rosenthal-Noble, 8

Automat by Edward Hopper

It doesn’t look like an automat, just a building that reeks of steel and machinery and aching backs, with a corner in which a woman…

By Emma Catherine Hoff, 11

Explosion in a Shingle Factory

The stairs collapsed beneath her and as she fell, she prayed for her body not to be seen, not painted by a brush, she saw…

By Emma Catherine Hoff, 11


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Through the Hand Lens

iPhone SE

By Madeline Cleveland, 13

Evening Swing

iPhone 8

By Tatum Lovely, 12

Golden Muse and Sun Flowers


By Arwen Gamez, 14

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