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December 2022
Cover: Imagination by Ivory Vanover, 12

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Snowflakes Are Actually Heavy

Two girls build a snowman One winter day, Emily and Mary went out to play. Mary said, “We could make a snowman!” Emily agreed. Squish…

By Abigail Sun, Art by Kaeden Kobayashi, 8

The Little Christmas Tree

A tree, bored with his existence, dreams of another life Once upon a peaceful time, there was a little Christmas tree. He wasn’t that much…

By Celia Chen, Art by Sabrina Lu, 10

The Story of the Puddle and the Frog

A puddle who yearns to see the ocean beseeches a frog to tell him all about it There was once a river. For years, this…

By Ava Shorten, Art by Jiacheng Yu, 12


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The Magic Desk

An ode to a desk It’s heavy, old, and has scribbles all over its body. But it is mine, and I love it. My desk…

By Noah Xia, Art by Emily Yu, 9

The Deadly Pain

The narrator is subsumed with fear and worry as a mysterious pain fills his stomach The afternoon sun shined hard on the tall NYC buildings,…

By Misha Joksic, Art by Christopher Zhang, 11


The narrator finally has enough money to buy the tea set she’s coveted—but at what cost? I should have felt excited, but I didn’t. My…

By Louise Johnson, Art by Tatum Lovely, 11
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A Quiet Neighborhood

A quiet neighborhood seemed empty, yet it was the fullest it could be. Even if ones weren’t out, they were enjoying peace and love with…

By Kimberly Hu, Art by Tutu Lin, 9

Are We Doing Enough?

Beautiful maple trees. Little flowers brush against my knees. The sun is shining bright as an LED light, And fluffy clouds are in sight. My…

By Shivanshi Dutt, 12


Acting silly, having fun, Being someone I’m truly not. The sun is saying goodbye, The sky is putting on a show— Daffodil yellow, sky blue,…

By Shivanshi Dutt, 12


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A Moment of Peacefulness

Colored pencil, pigment liner

By Tutu Lin, 13



By Crystal Fu, 11

Head in the Clouds


By Emily Yu, 14

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