About Stone Soup

Stone Soup Magazine
March 2018

Stone Soup is the digital magazine + print annual written and illustrated by young writers and artists. It is published by the Children’s Art Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization, and is the leading publisher of creative writing by children ages 13 and younger. Encouraging all kinds of creativity, and writing in the English language, Stone Soup has subscribers and contributors all over the world.

We started Stone Soup in 1973, in Santa Cruz, California, because we believed quality writing by children would inspire other children to read and write. At the time we were college students, just barely past childhood ourselves, and there was no academic work to support our idea. But this thesis is now widely accepted. Writing by students is routinely included in school textbooks and tests.  More than one-hundred educational publications have reprinted stories and poems from Stone Soup. When you give Stone Soup to a child as a gift, or when you use Stone Soup in your classroom or homeschool, you can feel assured that there is no better source of inspiring writing by children to be found.

Stone Soup is published online eleven times a year, once a month with a joint July/August Summer issue and a printed annual for the whole year available in mid-late November. When you subscribe to Stone Soup, or encourage the children in your life to submit their work to Stone Soup, you not only give a valuable gift to a writer or artist, but you also support our project. Thank you!

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