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“Will be the next day better.” A drawing by a Syrian refugee child of her idea of a good future.

Children’s creative work is our passion. We started Stone Soup in 1973 and we continue to publish the very best literary and creative work by under-13s our our magazine, books, and online. Join us as a Patron to help us continue and expand our work!

When you support us you support the magazine itself and our website, as well as all our programs for young people: workshops, activities, contests, our Stone Soup Refugee Project, publishing books by kids, and much more. Your support for Stone Soup says that you believe in the power of imagination, and in adding an A to STEM education. If you believe in the necessity of art and writing to help all young people integrate their understanding of the world, then Stone Soup is the project for you to support.

There are three ways to set up your payment now: Donorbox, which offers more flexible giving options (monthly, quarterly, annual; and the option to direct funds or make a donation in memory of someone); regular donations via Paypal, which charges us lower fees and allows a minimum of $1 in one-off and monthly donations; or one-off donations of any amount via the Paypal Giving Fund, which charges us no fees. If you would like to discuss other options for making your gift (such as direct bank transfer or gifts of stock), or would like to explore matching or naming opportunities, please email us and William Rubel will be very happy to talk to you one-to-one.

Every dollar, every cent counts, whether as a one-off or regular payment, and no gift is too small to make a difference. Every gift is welcome! All patrons are listed in the Stone Soup Annual each year and on this web page.

Thank you for becoming a part of  the Children’s Art Foundation Supporters’ community.

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Why become a Stone Soup Patron?

We each give to organizations for our own reasons. If you believe that art ought to be a genuine means of self-expression and want to help support the honest vision of young artists, then giving money to Stone Soup is the way to do that. Alone, we can each do very little. But, together, with each of us tossing a little something into the soup pot, we can create something great. Please throw something in our Stone Soup pot.

The Children’s Art Foundation, our parent, is a a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with an explicit focus on the literary and creative education of children. While much of our work is supported by subscription revenue (and sales of books, back issues and the Stone Soup Annual in our online store), we rely on wider fundraising to fulfill our mission.

We want to continue to develop Stone Soup for today’s young creative artists and thinkers, for others their age who are inspired and motivated by seeing their peers being published, and for future generations. Your support makes our work to encourage and improve the creative education of our children possible. Please support us.Children’s Art Foundation-Stone Soup Inc. is a 501(c)(3) educational charity registered in the United States of America, EIN: 23-7317498. All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. No good or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.

Our current and ongoing campaigns

While most of our work is funded by income from subscriptions, we are able to take on additional projects and extend our reach through the gifts of generous patrons. Throughout the year we run campaigns focused on specific initiatives, as well as accepting donations that will be allocated by the Stone Soup team to those initiatives and other work as needed. Find out more about our special projects, and donate to the ones that interest you most, using the links on this page.

The Refugee Project – 2021 Update

The Refugee Project

Reaching Marginalized Communities