Stay Creative with Stone Soup

Our Weekly Creativity prompts challenge you to make a piece of writing (a poem, a journal entry, a story outline, a review) or art, or music, or a spoken word recording, or other piece of creative work. All the prompts we have written are brought together on this page – see below. The first prompt of the month is also a Flash Contest!

You can find more writing and art activities on our Activities pages.

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Creativity Prompts

Take a photo or draw a picture that makes the viewer look twice—something is not as it first seems ...
Write a pitch for an imaginary business. This could be something silly like a playground for skunks or a business you'd love to go to like an ice cream shop! ...
Make a hybrid drawing/collage of a landscape. For example, you might draw the sun but you might cut out an image of a tree and paste it into the artwork ...



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