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Writing and Art Activity: Capture a Moment where Stillness is Disrupted

The cover image for the March 2021 issue of Stone Soup is incredibly striking. Aiyla Syed’s photograph “Sensation” (pictured above) perfectly captures a moment that feels familiar and playful in a visually compelling way. FRANCE. Paris. Place de l’Europe. Gare Saint Lazare. 1932. The composition of the photograph is wonderful. While the main attention in […]

Art Activity: Telling a Story with Multiple Perspectives in a Single Image

Procreate Emi Le’s artwork, “Invisible to Human,” is one of those deceptively simple pieces of art that reveals more, and poses more questions, the longer you look at it. There are so many intriguing things about it. Its title makes me stop and think as I focus on the strange, many-limbed creature on the right. […]

Art Activity: imagining, planning and drawing complex imaginary worlds

This art activity by Olivia Joyce is built around 8-year-old Li Lingfei’s Artist’s Portfolio, published in Stone Soup’s March 2018 issue. Use the link to open the portfolio in a separate window and look closely at the images as you read Olivia’s responses to Lingfei’s work, and think about her drawing activity ideas. Stone Soup […]

Writing and Art Activity: fully imagined fairy tales in words and pictures with “The Enchanted Egg” by Bertrand C. Jackson, 13

Introduction to this Stone Soup Writing and Art Activity “The Enchanted Egg” is a delightful story that plays with ideas and characters commonly found in fairy tales (and in cartoons of fairy tales). This is not a profoundly original story, but it is well written, beautifully illustrated, and fun to read. As you read it you might […]